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@Sensualperla looks really sweet (& naughty ;)

Go check out her website!

Interview with @AnichaWhite

The third interview on!

But the first European interview, from France, it’s Anicha White!

  • Where are you from originally?
  • – Im from Biarritz,it’s a small city at the south west side of France

  • You have a lovely body how often do you work out?
  • – I work everyday on my webcam, i love dancing&teasing ,also i love try new sex positions and i guess that why my body stay tonic

  • What is on your ipod/mp3 player right now?
  • – BlackStreet, Dr Dree, Madonna, Lil Wayne, Alexandra Stan, Carla Bruni, Carly Rae … I can enjoy lot of differents kind of music

  • Which celebrity poster was above your bed and why?
  • – I don’t have an idol only personalities who inspire me, like Carmen Electra or Madonna

  • Most guys are nerds and sexy women that aren’t afraid to show there nerdy side really turns them on, anything you are into that might be considered nerdy?
  • – What is a nerd? haha!

  • What’s the most naughty thing you ever have done?
  • – Show my boobies to a British police man? Did an asssitting on my man while he sleeped? Suck him in a plane… can’t determinate which one is the naughtiest

  • Social media is becoming a big deal besides twitter are you on other social media sites?
  • – Yes im on Freeones, Facebook, 43 things and few others

  • What are you currently working on/ worked on recently that you would like to promote?
  • – Yes,im pretty proud of my tube website with a great range of videos : reality show, sexy clips, interviews ect

  • Who should i interview next and why?
  • @Melissa_LaurenX Melissa Lauren, this girl is sexy, French, and have good taste in books, like me!

  • Anything I didn’t ask that you would like to talk about or comment on?
  • – I’m happy to give that interview and wish you the best for your website! 🙂

    We would like to thank @AnichaWhite for taking some of her time to do the interview!
    We hope you you enjoyed reading it!

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