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Interview with @pippa_lily

Another personal interview on!

This time with the very popular Pippa Lily !

  • Where are you from originally?
  • – I was born in Heathrow near London and then moved to Essex when I was 4.

  • You have a lovely body how often do you work out?
  • – I don’t I eat crap and just try and eat less of everything else. I use stairs instead of lifts as much as I can. I try and do sit-ups before bed. I loved to run for charity races but I haven’t done that in a while I think when it gets to Spring I’ll start training again.

  • What is on your ipod/mp3 player right now?
  • – The Melvins hold it in, and various other music I usually have it on shuffle but I do find myself always listening to Queens of the stone age, The butthole surfers and the Beastie boys.

  • Which celebrity poster was above your bed and why?
  • – When I was a teenager I had a Hole/Courtney Love poster when I was going through my riot grrl phase.

  • Most guys are nerds and sexy women that aren’t afraid to show there nerdy side really turns them on, anything you are into that might be considered nerdy?
  • -I have a large vinyl record collection mainly picture disks and coloured vinyls. I also love the old school computer games like Theme park, Theme hospital, Zoo tycoon and Command and Conquer.

  • What’s the most naughty thing you ever have done?
  • – No comment

  • Social media is becoming a big deal besides twitter are you on other social media sites?
  • – Only instagram I used to be on facebook but I got sick of people adding me who were after free stuff, this is my job and I don’t give my content away for free!

  • What are you currently working on/ worked on recently that you would like to promote?
  • – My last video on Abby Winters will appear on their site in the next couple of days. I am also shooting for a magazine tomorrow so check my twitter account to find out which magazine it will be published in as the company owns about 6 magazines so I don’t know which one it’ll be in yet. I also have another shoot coming up with Delicious Dolls and pin-up magazine.

  • Who should i interview next and why?
  • @Dynamo_1 she is a strong sexy wrestler and dominatrix.

    We would like to thank @pippa_lily for taking some of her time to do the interview!

    Go check out her websites!
    Twitter: @pippa_lily
    Instagram pippalilymodel

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