Interview with @Miss_Dirty_Diva

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A brand new interview on!

This time with the very hot office angel Miss Dirty Diva!

  • Where are you from originally?
  • – I was born in London but my family originally from Dublin moved to the West Midlands shorty after.

  • You have a lovely body how often do you work out?
  • – Aw thank you, I’d like to say I work out every day, but work commitments prevent me, so as often as
    I can really, I’m not into gyms, I love to run, so I do a 3 mile run at least twice a week followed by a dip at
    my local swimming baths.

  • What is on your ipod/mp3 player right now?
  • – I love lots of different music even classical, but rite now on my ipod is Daft Punk and Amy Winehouse
    my fav record is “Our Day Will Come” got it on replay lol.

  • Which celebrity poster was above your bed and why?
  • – Its not exactly above my bed but in my garage a poster of Paul Walker, not because of his acting ability
    but for all his charity work which was done off the radar for Reach Out Worldwide which I support and subscribe too
    he was truly a humble man, I cried when I heard of his death.

  • Most guys are nerds and sexy women that aren’t afraid to show there nerdy side really turns them on, anything you are into that might be considered nerdy?
  • – Shhhh I collect a certain bear, he used to have his own room I have that much stuff lol, but that’s my little secret 😉

  • What’s the most naughty thing you ever have done?
  • – OMG never thought I’d divulge this, I didn’t intentionally go dogging, just drove to a certain beauty spot in the Midlands to see the nite lights over the city, we sort of noticed other vehicles steaming up a little and people walking round, the penny dropped and well when in Rome, that’s all I’m admitting too 😉

  • Social media is becoming a big deal besides twitter are you on other social media sites?
  • – Just Twitter at the moment, though I do have my very own naughty website.

  • What are you currently working on/ worked on recently that you would like to promote?
  • – Dirty Diva’s Worn Panties ~ My website, since the prudes at ebay decided to ban me for selling my naughty wears
    I decided to do my very own site –

  • Who should i interview next and why?
  • – My Web-designer, fantastic guy, very shy though, so not sure he’d do interview, he was utterly fantastic with me, I now do everything on site my self thanks to his patience and help, which after ebays policing is brilliant

  • Anything I didn’t ask that you would like to talk about or comment on?
  • – Not sure what to add that you haven’t already asked, by day I’m an office angel but in my own time, I’m just little ole naughty Dirty Diva selling her own worn wears and sexy piccies etc etc etc 😉

    We would like to thank @Miss_Dirty_Diva for taking some of her time to do the interview!
    We hope you you enjoyed reading (& watching) it!

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